Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Transitioning to Ultra Running.

So in the few days since the Knoxville Marathon I feel zapped.  Completely zapped. I think I experienced "The Wall" for the first time during mile 24 on Sunday. I am officially not exercising until Saturday.  Even when I start back I will be in taper.  I am coming up with the "race" strategy.  I know there are several areas I will be hiking instead of running.

I will be shooting to keep my heart rate in the 140's for the 50k.  How long will the 50k take? I don't know, but to be sure after this race I will be done with "long" distance running for a while.  My next marathon will probably come during my first full iron distance race next year.  Please enjoy the 50k elevation map below.

I will be hiking the areas in green.

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