Sunday, March 25, 2012

51.16 Miles

Just when I think I can't top my weekly mileage, I drop a 51.16 mile week.  Here is how it broke down...

Sunday- 13.1 Mile Publix Half Marathon 8:24 mile avg.
Tuesday- 6.6 Miles in 1:02:05 and easy run... (6.4 avg)
Thursday- 12.64 miles in 2 hours (6.3 avg)
Saturday 18.81 miles in 3:01:22 (6.2 avg)

The most important aspect of this week was the last 2 runs.  I ran a total of 31+ miles at a 9:38 pace.  If I apply that to Knoxville this next week, that could add up to a 4:12:18 marathon.  The nutrition is there, the legs are there, but make no mistake about it, I am running this race for Piper.  God will decide what my finish time will be. I am not worried about that.

Click on the "Piper Heart" on the left hand side of this page to donate. You can read her story here:
Baby Piper Needs You.

This week looks like this

Mon- Swim
Tues- 1 hour run
Wed- 30 min run
Thurs- Swim
Sun- Knoxville Marathon.

I'll be back with a race preview...

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