Friday, March 16, 2012

2012 Georgia Half Marathon Plan

First let me say that this will be the 4th time I will be running this race.  It has become a yearly tradition, and in addition I always run this course faster than I think I will.  Some Most people that review this race complain about the hills, but I have very good results here, I just need to see if volume will translate into some speed.

Miles 1-2.5 It downhill and its crowded, but last year I earned a spot in the "seeded" runner corral.  Maybe their will be less traffic, because I plan on heading out quick.

Mile1- 7:15
Mile2- 7:15
Mile3- 7:45

Miles 3-7 The hills start.  Their are a ton of hills, but they are all SHORT efforts.  Run solid 8 min pace on the uphills, and blast the downhills.

Mile 4- 7:45
Mile 5- 7:45
Mile 6- 7:45
Mile 7- 7:45

Mile 7-9.3 All Downhill.  BLAST it.This is where you either meet or miss you goals during this race.  Carve out as much time as possible.

Mile 8-  7:00
Mile 9-  7:20

Miles 9.3- 10.5 The steepest mile on the course.  Run strong.

Mile 10- 10:00  (anything else faster is a win)

Mile 10.5 11.5 Another reprieve.. RUN

Mile 11- 8:00

Mile 11.5- Finish  Uphill feed off the crowd, suck it up and run. 8:30/mile

Mile 12- 8:30
Mile 13+.1- 8:30

Prediction- 1:42:35 (7:49 per mile) 
Note: I will abandon this plan if it jeopardizes my ability to run Knoxville or the 50k, but I have a good feeling about this one... last year was 1:44:24


The Tri Runner said...

Good Luck at the race!

The Tri Runner said...

Good Luck at the race!