Wednesday, June 15, 2011

West Point Olympic Distance Triathlon

The day before the race we headed down to Valley, AL where I got a surprisingly good deal on a room at the Holiday Inn Express ($54).  I think we will be using this as the home base for races down here.  After running errands around town it was time to eat and get to bed.  I was in bed by 8:45 pm, however my "slumber party buddy" was not interested in sleeping.  I still don't know if sharing a bed with a three year old is a good idea the night before a race, but I digress.  Anyway, the alarm went off at 5 am and I woke up and got ready.  We hit the road by 5:45

I had made one great decision during this race. I raced shirtless.  Mind you I am in good shape but I do not have the "V" (see previous post), but I figured I was already wearing tight tri shorts, with several hundred people so why not.  I setup transition and found the restrooms.  I exited the restroom and found the girls and I had Mary Ruth write in marker on my right shoulder blade.

Ben - June 12, 1975 - February 26, 2010 RIP.

You see today (June 12th, 2011) Ben would have been 36 years old.  This race was for him, and Ben was a fast swimmer.  No pressure Hambrick.

We headed down to the water and I warmed up.  The swim was a time trial start and we were supposed to go in by number.  Well that didn't work as I was 135 and Wes as 98.  We entered the water together.

Swim (1500 meters) **yeah right**  37:33

I entered the water feeling good and kept the buoys on my right shoulder.  I did not veer too far off my line, and the bouys peeled away quickly.  I was moving... until I felt like I had swam at least 1200 meters.  Then I came to a crawl.  I felt the swim was long, and based on several reports post race it was by 200-300 meters.  Oh well another poor swim.

T1 1:42

With the temps warming up quickly I popped some endurolytes in T1 and grabbed all my stuff.  I had 2 gel I had to fit into the tri short pockets  this cost me a few seconds.  Use the bento box next time.

Bike 24.85 miles  1:12:53 avg 20.5 mph

This bike course was fairly challenging, not steep inclines, but they just kept coming. Oh look another hill. And another.  At the water stop, I dropped the bottle. This proved to be crucial to the end of the bike performance.  I ran out of water with 5 miles to go, and it was getting hot.  Next time carry another bottle.  I wanted to average 21 mph, but given the day, the hills, and the lack of water, it went as expected.

T2 1:09

Slip on the running shoes, endurolytes and water bottle.  I tried to overcompensate hydration.  Another mistake.

Run 10k 53:36  8:38/mile

After the first mile, the water stopped sloshing around, and I was able to pickup the pace a bit.  I caught Wes at 3 miles. and We ran together for a mile.  I started feeling better and left Wes for a strong last 2 miles.  Eyrleigh was yelling "GO Daddy!" as I came around the corner.

Finish 2:46:50

I am ok with this result.  My weakest discipline is swimming and it went long.  I need to trim some serious time off the swim.  10 minutes at least.  I can peel another 3-4 minutes off the bike, and I can peel another 4-7 minutes off the run.  Considering this was only my second Olympic Tri I was racing it wasn't bad.  I just need to keep tri-ing.  Wes met us a few minutes later and it was time for a shower and Mexican food.

BTW another limiter of my performance is my weight.  I have been staying at 180 not 175.  I would like my fighting weight to be 170.  Even 165.  Now I have some work to do.

Monday, June 06, 2011

The shirtless run.

Here is the deal.  I like shirts. I prefer to run with a shirt on.  I have never had the "V", and let's be honest, even though I am in good shape, I will never have the "V", am am 34 you know.  That being said in the last week it has been in the mid 90's in Atlanta.  It's HOT.  That being said I had a run to knockout after church on Sunday, so 2 miles into the 8 mile run, off came the shirt.  Not out of vanity, but out of necessity. The human skin IS the original dri fit.

Now let's take a look at this joker...  If you notice, he has the lats, the guns, the abs, and he is racing with his shirt off.  Also notice the tri shorts and the fact he is just running a 10k.  Word is he wears this same outfit to the grocery store to get milk.  This guy has the "V" and sorry ladies, this weekend this joker is getting married.

This is my good friend Jon, and in honor of your niptuals (pun in intended) I just may race this weekend sans shirt so pay homage to the "V" i will never have.  Congrats to Jon and Laura on your wedding this weekend. Hey is that a large sock?