Sunday, January 30, 2011

Updated Race Schedule. and goings on

February 26th- Xterra Fort Yargo 21k Trail Run
March 13th - Silver Comet 10k
March 20th- Georgia Half Marathon
April 30th- John Tanner Sprint
May 14th-Peachtree City International Distance
May 29th- Old Capital City Sprint
June 12th- West Point Lake International Distance
August 13th- Richard B Russell International Distance
September 24th- Tugaloo International Distance
October 2nd- Lake Lanier Islands Sprint
October29th- Silver Comet Half Marathon

1 10k
3 Half Marathons
3 Sprint Triathlons
4 International Distance Triathlons

This year will be fluid. This year will be fast.

Swim- 2 swim workouts this week. One was a ladder 50,100,150,200,250 and back down.  One was 25 laps in 25 minutes.

Bike- Going well, The Tri bike needs new wheels, then she is ready for the season. The bike base is good, and I got in a 1:25:00 ride Saturday.

Run- The run is good. Ran 10.91 miles in 1:34:00 today, and the left knee is a tad bit sore. A hint of tendinitis.  Ice twice today and some advil.  I wil probably skip my short run on Tuesday for a LONG swim.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Merrell Trail Glove Review (First Impressions)

I started looking for a trail running shoe for the 2011 season in December while in New Hampshire.  I looked at Salomon, Timberland, and Montrail.  I have owned all of these makes of shoes in the past and I must say I was not impressed with any of these makes owning all of them before.  Salomons were a good overall shoe and has a great lacing system, but it is not as durable as I liked.  The Timberlands were not durable at all, but had a great tread.  The Montrails were durable and waterproof with the Goretex, but they were too narrow.  This left my search to start over excluding all of these manufacturers.

Let me say that ever since I read Born to Run I have been intrigued by the barefoot running movement.  I bought and ran a fair amount in my Newton AWs, and I like the shoes okay, but if I had to do over again I would have saved myself the $175. Sorry Newton.  I really never had any interest in the Nike Frees, as Nike is too skinny on my normal size, flat feet.  In addition I had little to no interest in the Vibram Five Fingers. Something about the toes I guess.  They would take far too long to put on during a triathlon.

That brings us to the new Merrell Barefoot Series shoes.  Billed as the Vibram Five Fingers without the toes.  I had to try them.  To make the on road transition into the barefoot movement on the road I had to adapt to run "barefoot" on the softer ground of the trail.  Below are my runs so far in the Merrells.

Run #1 January 14
Distance: 3.53 miles
Time: 28:08
Pace: 7:58/mile
Type: Tempo

Run #2 January 18
Distance: 4.8 miles
Time: 40:30
Pace: 8:26/mile
Type: Solid run at Aerobic Threshold

Run #3 January 23 (wore calf sleeves)
Distance: 6.47 miles
Time: 56:25
Pace: 8:43/mile
Type: Long Run, avg 150bpm

My first impressions:

Like all minimalist shoes don't run too much on your forefoot.  Let your heel touch the ground, but minimize impact. Your feet should roll on and off the ground.  These shoes will be tougher on your calves until you adapt. I wore the calf guards on the long run to help.

Build up mileage slowly. I am running in them when those "little weird aches subside in my feet, calves, and knees.  It's not bad pain, it's just my body adapting.  I wore the shoes "around town" to get used to them. 

I wore them with socks.  These shoes are designed to NOT wear with socks, and they are much more comfortable without socks. Lose the socks. These shoes weigh NOTHING, they are seamless and I have not body glided my feet to prep to wear them yet, and I have encountered no rubbing on any area of the foot.

I will write another review at the magic death date of most running shoes. 300 miles.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

About ready to blow up the race schedule...

I have been meaning to post a few times and right now I have the time so here it is.

Swimming: I headed back to the pool this week.. 2 20 minute swims. boy am I inefficient and slow. 1 minute per 50m. All in good time.

Biking: My bike base is good, but I think I bit off more than I could chew taking up mountain biking. I went out today and crashed 7 times. My knees are bruised and I did not like it at all. Leaning toward scrapping the MTB all together.

I need new wheels for the tri bike. I think I will be going with the Williams System 30x.  These guys back the wheels and they are getting great reviews.

Running: Going well, and running a lot. my right knee is a little tender. Running once a week in the new Merrell Trail Gloves.  I am working on slowly ramping up the mileage so I can run the "Thrill the Hills Offroad 1/2 Marathon in them."  These shoes are not available until Feb 1st, but 6 Merrell stores in America had them 7 days ago and one of the stores is less than a mile from my office. Note I run in these barefoot, but have been wearing them around to get used to them.

There are 2 races already off the schedule. Snickers 1/2 marathon. I feel I have a lot better shot to attempt sub 1:40:00 in October, and the Tough Mudder.  I want to do this race, but the $150 price tag is too much for me right now.  So my race schedule may end up looking like this.

February 26th- Xterra Fort Yargo 21k Trail Run
May 14th-Peachtree City Int. Distance
May 29th- Old Capital City Sprint
June 12th- West Point Lake Int. Distance
August 13th- Richard B Russell Int. Distance
September 25th- Octoberfest Int. Distance

Who knows.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

2011 Race Schedule

Here it is.... Most of it anyway. The later part of the season is up in the air.

February 26th- Xterra Fort Yargo 21k Trail Run

I did this race 2 years ago under wet and cold conditions. This year the goal is to tune up for the next race.

March 5th- Snickers 1/2 Marathon

Jon is coming in for this one for our joint attempt to break 1:40:00 in a 1/2 marathon. I am super pumped to race th whole thing with " my brother from another mother."

March 13th- Tough Mudder Cedartown, GA

10 miles of a dirt eating, sweating, bleeding run / special forces hell! Are you Tuff Enuff?

April 30th- Fort Yargo Offroad Sprint

Fort Yargo is the place to be this year for racing, and only 20 miles from the house! Come out and race! I have a few spare bedrooms!

May 7th- Fort Yargo 9 hour MTB Race

The folks at Dirty Spokes are at it again at Fort Yargo. This race is on the great 12 mile MTB loop. This loop has, singletrack, doubletrack, climbs, rocks and roots. how many times can you get around in 9 hours of mountain bike fun??

May 14th-Peachtree City International Distance

Mary Ruth did the sprint last year, and this race kicks off my "International Extravaganza" 2:30:00 or bust!

May 29th- Old Capital City Sprint

I am coming to Milledgeville to see how close I can come to a 1hour Sprint. Bring the Bike and the pain!

June 12th- West Point Lake International Distance

I have always wanted to race this race. The goal... Race at this distance at lactate threshold and PR!

August 13th- Richard B Russell International Distance

Home of my International Distance PR. I usually use this race as a tune up for Augusta 70.3, but alas it is not in the cards for this year. So it will be time to burn it out here.

September 25th- Octoberfest International Distance

My last chance this season to kill it at this distance. We will see. End the year with the 10k trail run! Nice!

There it is. I may pepper in another 1/2 marathon or 2 in October or November, We will see.

2 Half Marathons
1 Obstacle Course Endurance Race
1 Nine Hour MTB Race
2 Sprint Triathlons
4 International Distance Triathlons

Bring IT 2011!

Monday, January 03, 2011

Since We Last "Spoke"

Mountain Bike.

Right before we left for New Hampshire I bought a Felt Mountain Bike. I took a day trip to Greenville, SC and picked it up. I would post picture, but the blogger for IPad will not allow for images to be uploaded. Christmas was centered (for me anyway) about small items for the MTB. Bottle cages, flat kit, bottles, Crank Bros. pedals, and even Pearl Izumi Attack II MTB shoes. My first ride is planned for next Saturday January 15th.

Cold Weather Running.

I have been running nearly everyday since coming up to NH. I miss the bike and swim, but it has been nice to work on the run so much, I have also been doing a fair amount of cross country skiing. Growing the beard has really helped keep the face warm. Again no picture.

Race Calendar.

This year I will be focusing my racing on Sprint, Olympic distance triathlon, Half Marathons, and Mountain Bike racing. Race calendar awaiting spousal approval. There are specific reasons that this (and not Iron Distance) will be my focus, but if I shared that now, I would not have more content for later...

New Year.

Happy New Year! This (my 6th year) of blogging will focus on more content, to hopefully pick up readers and to make myself a better writer. I want to thank Jon, Nitmos, and Wes for the continued written feedback on the blog this year. I have formed a close friendship with "Uncle Jon" as Eyrleigh says, and it is good to see Wes at local events. Wes, we need to train together some this year.

That's it for now. Tomorrow we start the trek back down.