Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rev3 Anderson South Carolina Olympic Distance Triathlon

On Saturday we drove up to Anderson to pickup my packet and drop off the bike.  In addition, I got to meet Andrew, Trevor, Joe, and Ben with Multisport Ministries.  Multisport Ministries is a Christian Men's Triathlon Group that I joined and will be racing in the kit next season.  Andrew is also running on the Ragnar team, and at this race he was the Last Place Finisher.  This LPF program is so an MsM member can minister to the last place person right when they need it the most.  I had hoped to go to the per race meeting but Eyrleigh wasn't feeling so great an Rylynn needed to get out of the car.  So we retreated the 20 miles back to the hotel.

Race Morning.

With my race not starting until 9:25 I actually woke up at 6am and we left the hotel at 7:00am.  I took Eyrleigh with me on the shuttle to setup T1 4 miles away from T2 / Finish Area.  At 9am Mary Ruth and Rylynn joined us at the swim start, and it was tri-slide and wetsuit time.  It had been a year since wearing the wetsuit, because we did not go to NH this summer, I do Iron Distance swims in the summers in NH with my family next to me in the canoe, so the last time I wore the wetsuit was Ironman 70.3 Augusta in 2010, because the water in Georgia is typically in the 80s.. Yuck.

The Swim.

The water was 70 degrees and I felt good in the wetsuit.  I sighted well and stayed relaxed during the swim.

Swim time 30:25, 48 place overall Age Group...


Critical error, leaving the swim I stepped on a rock and cut my foot.  Turns out not only did I cut my foot, but their was also a puncture wound from the rock.  Next season I need to start by making the bottoms of my feet tougher, as my 3 year old has tougher feet than I do.  After my runs I will start to remove my shoes and walk barefoot on the pavement.  Lesson learned.  Anywho.. the nice thing about 2 separate transition areas is at T1 you just take everything with you, and you don't need to think.  I did a great job of getting out of the wetsuit and stuffing it in the bag, and grabbing my stuff and off on the bike.

T1 time: 2:38

The Bike.

Usually, I like to get on the bike and spin up and get my Hear Rate under control, then get in a gel and hammer.  However, the bike course had other ideas. Like 15 miles of straight climbing with headwinds.  At mile 3 I was averaging 15mph on the bike, and during a climb at mile 12 I dropped my chain.  That was the best thing that happened to me as it gave me 30 seconds to reset my mind.  I started going through thinking about my blessings and thanking God for all of them.  I thought about each member of my family, and as a result I gained momentum all the way into T2.

Bike Time: 25 miles in 1:16:35  19.58mph average., 42 overall age group.


Fast as usual.  1:06

The Run.

My goal going in was to run a sub 50 minute 10k, however I did not account for the combination of the headwind and hills trashing my legs on the bike, and the pain under my foot at every stride from the cut while making this a goal. I did have the grit to try to still meet this goal.  I loved this run course and I nearly pulled it off, finishing in 52:02

Run Time 6.2 miles in 52:02 at 8:24 min/mile., 41overall age group.

Finish Time 2:42:48  41 of 171 overall, and 12 of 22 in 35-39.

Another great season in the books, Stay Thirsty My Friends.



Wes said...

Congratulations on a another successful race! You guy gonna come out to the Turkey Trot again this year? Enjoy your off season...

Carolina John said...

Cutting your foot is certainly a tough way to start out. Glad you stuck with it!