Sunday, September 25, 2011

This entry brought to you by the letter "W"

Sarurday morning brought the McKendree Run For a Cure 5k.  I didn't know what to expect.  Would I run well?  Woulthe Collins Hill CC team show up?  COULD I BE THE FASTEST THERE?  100 people showed up and myg strategy was to start fast.  Could I build a lead for the first half mile before the uphills started?  The hills started and I was all alone with the bike pacer.  I heard no other footsteps but my own.  I had what I wanted, I was out front.  Then the hills hit.  I slowed my pace just a bit.  Mile 1 7:17.  Th hills conitued until mile 1.75.  Then came the flat.  Mile 2 in 7:43.  I made the turn right onto Riverside and the massive downhill.  For the first time I looked over my shoulder.  I saw 3 guys behind me.  I am now the hunted, but I had the downhill.  Could I hold on?  As we entered the last .25 miles I looked back again only one guy behind me.  He was closing in.  50 feet back.  He wasn't going to catch me.  Mile 3 in 6:42...  I beat him by 4 seconds.  I won. What? Not only had I won but I lead wire to wire.  I was the fastest guy that day, and no one can take it away. W.


1. Richard Hambrick 33 22:00
2. Prince LeBoo 34 22:04
3. Conner Egan 10 22:30
4. Joseph Kennedy 13 22:38
5. Chad Cross 38 22:42
6. Eric Hinson 38 23:00 zz
7. Dione Hester 41 23:36
8. Nekeidra Frederick 35 23:57
9. Thierry Munyengango 36 23:52
10. Barbara Peters 32 23:54

Mary Ruth never ceases to amazes me. 4 times running since Rylynn was born.
52 Mary Ruth Hambrick 39 33:40


Wes said...

nice work you two!!

Carolina John said...

Congratulations! It's great to get a solid win like that. Must be nice.

Mary Ruth said...

We want pics!