Wednesday, August 03, 2011

An Open Letter to the WTC 5150 Lake Lanier Cancelled

Well I had the race calendar set after Rylynn was born.  I had to move the 50k until the winter and added the Ragnar, TN to the schedule.  I also decided on 2 Olympic races.  5150 Lake Lanier on September 11th and Rev3 Anderson SC on October 9th.  Then I got this email.

---WTC Start---

The 5150 Lake Lanier Triathlon, scheduled for Sept. 11, in Gainesville, Ga., has been postponed for 2011 due to conflicting special events taking place in and around Lake Lanier.  Athletes will receive a full refund of their entry fee (including fee) within three to four weeks and a complimentary entry into 5150 Clearwater/5150 Series Finale taking place on Nov. 12, 2011 in Clearwater, FL.  

Please contact with your full name, date of birth and email address no later than August 19 if you are interested in receiving your complimentary slot into the Clearwater event. Entry transfers and deferrals are not be permitted.  For all other inquiries, please contact

We hope that you will join us for another 5150 Triathlon Series event in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

The 5150 Triathlon Series Team

---WTC End---

A few observations for you WTC..

1. Lake Lanier was to be a training race, not an "A" race

2. There are always "special events" at Lake Lanier.  It's freaking LAKE LANIER..  Are you reading this and not from Georgia? Google Lake Lanier. WTC knew this before announcing the race.

3. A full refund in 3-4 weeks. You want the money when I register, but I have 3-4 weeks to get my money back?

4. A complimentary entry into the Clearwater race? Clearwater isn't exactly in my backyard and your race entry was already expensive enough. Now I have to drive 9 hours to Clearwater, buy meals and get a hotel? On my daughter's 4th birthday?? Are you high?

5. Apparently this isn't the first 5150 race that was cancelled (see Provo).  

6. Enough is enough...  I am going to miss Augusta 70.3 next year and its fast swim and bike... Goodbye WTC.

I hear the Kiawah Island Olympic Distance Race is September 18th...  Maybe that small race will appreciate my money more...


The guy who spends money on triathlon.


Pete32 said...

The 5150 US Championship is practically in my backyard. You should see about transferring the registration up here. At least you have a place to stay:) I'm with you on fees, I think they're getting a little out of hand.

Another Guy Who Spends Money on Triathlons

Big Daddy Diesel said...

SOunds like 5150 is starting to become a bust, which will tick off alot of people because they took alot of local races away and corporatlized (not sure if a real word, but I will add it to my dictionary) them. They are not winning fans over at all. I am rooting for all these new race orgs popping up, Tri Rock, Rev3, Hit, to make it

Carolina John said...

Hey, a free race in florida seems like fun. i'm not suggesting that the WTGreed isn't full of dumbasses, but I do like to take advantage of when dumbasses admit that they are dumbasses and try to make up for it. You'd get to take the daughter to florida for her birthday!

Wes said...

Money is the best measure with which to vote!