Sunday, July 10, 2011

Welcome Rylynn Candace Hambrick!

On July 8th, 2011 it was a very routine Friday morning in the Hambrick house, with a few exceptions of course.  1. I was not going to work and 2. we were driving to "Hotel Northside" to check in to have a baby. A baby? Did you just say a baby? Yes I did.  You see the birthing process for our family includes walking into the hospital at a scheduled time, hand over license and insurance card, and then we are shuttled off to a pre-op room to begin the "check-in" process.

It starts with a 30 minute wait, and then things pick up after 9:30.  The anesthesiologist comes it with a college student and asks if we have any issues with this college student "hitching along" for the next hour for the birth of our child.  They describe everything that is happening during the "numbing process" and this continues.  Its like having John Madden and Al Michaels doing a Monday Night Football game, except  this is tougher than football.

At 10:10 we are taken to the OR where I sit in this little chair outside the hallway while Mary Ruth is being prepped in the OR.  It is fairly obvious that of all of the people in that area I am the only one who does not work there, waiting nervously to enter the OR a father of 1 and exiting the OR a father of 2. I pray to God that no matter what happens that we will raise this baby under his direction, and no obstacle is too large for us with him in our corner.

At 10:25 I am called in. This OR is very snug.  There are a lot of people in the room.  This includes John Madden and Al minus the marker for the television screen (thank god).  7 yes 7 minutes later at 10:32 am Rylynn Candace cries out and then they are back to clean her up.  The cord was wrapped around her neck 4 times, so I was very thankful they took her when they did.

At 10:40 Rylynn and I were taken to the recovery room.  This is where I began to realize that Rylynn looks just like her sister 3.5 years ago, with a different hair color. WOW.  Out of all of the genetic possibilities... 15 minutes later Mary Ruth joined us in recovery for a short stint in recovery.  we would be in the room by 11:30... not so fast.

1pm came and went, and 2 came and went.  Rob, Helen, and Eyrleigh were in the waiting room wait to meet Rylynn, but we were in a resistricted area and the meeting was delayed. we decided I would go to Rob, Helen, and Eyrleigh and be with them for a bit.  I gave Mary Ruth her cell phone.

Out in the waiting room I was daddy of Eyrleigh, but back in recovery I was husband and Daddy to Rylynn.  You see my two worlds had not met yet and it had been 6 hours. I was very anxious for this to happen,and I began to become impatient.  I wanted my 2 girls to become 1. To be sisters.

I went back into the recovery room after holding Eyrleigh for an hour, and I came right out and pretty demanded a room.  At 4:30 we were in our room.  All 4 of us were together at last.  Eyrleigh wanted to hold Rylynn, and that's just what she did.

We have had so many messages, phone calls, and visitors reach out to us and for this we are thankful, and I sit here in the hospital room the night before we go home, and I am anxious to BE a family finally.

My training will not slow down, but it will change.  Mary Ruth and I are embarking on a journey harder than an Ironman, and that is to raise two girls to the best of our ability in this world.  My prayer is for them to be good, decent, kind, and loving people, and have great adventures along the way.  You see sport is just one way to teach discipline, hard work, perseverance, fitness, and that through HIM all things are possible. ALL THINGS.

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Wes said...

our sons were born around 9:20 AM, in much the same manner. Congratulations again.