Monday, April 28, 2008

Week 24

What a busy week! Between first triathlons, first parades, and various other things... Eyrleigh is spending a lot of time on her tummy, trying to sit up, and eating big girl food! She is growing up so quick, and soon she will be going with us to Louisiana on Memorial Day Weekend.

More Soon!


Saturday, April 26, 2008

2008 John Tanner Sprint Tri

Same Race as last year accept for the following:

Racer# 155
Richard Hambrick
M 30-34 32
Swim 0:16:10.40
T1 0:04:09.38
Bike 0:33:54.86
T1 0:01:27.89
Run 0:24:52.01
Total 1:20:34.53

2007 1h 35m 27s Overall Rank = 221/242
2008 1h 20m 34s Overall Rank = 142/244

14min 53sec Faster!
79 Places Gained!

Athletic Identity Crisis just got worse!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Athlete Identity Crisis

I am participating in my first Triathlon of the year tomorrow, and I must admit, I am very excited to see how my running training has paid off. However, I am in the midst of an Athletic Identity Crisis, AIC for short. Do I want to be a long distance runner or an intermediate distance triathlete? I am itching to run a marathon this year if possible, but I also have goal of a 100 mile bike race and an Olympic Distance Triathlon. And 1 thing I know for sure, I can't train for both at the same time. I tried 2 weeks ago and I want constantly exhausted.

Any help on my dilemma would be appreciated, but not required. I have a next race rule, I don't have to make decisions about the next race until my last currently scheduled race is completed. That would be the Xterra Off-road 1/2 marathon on June 7th. So I need to decide oh... JUNE 8TH ;)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

But I would RUN 500 miles and I ... you get it.

Today I broke 500 miles on the nike plus system. So here's the thing, I login to after uploading my workout and I get this big splash page and they (Mike, Tiger, Nike) make you think you are getting a free tshirt, but if you read the small print, you only get free shipping on the overpriced Nike T-shirt. What a RIP! Sometimes I think these companies are so out of touch with the sports they make equipment for.

Nike asked on a tshirt, who do you run for? (Another marketing campaign...)
I run for Mary Ruth, Eyrleigh, my health, my competitive spirt, leg muscles, and not for the almighty SWOOSH, I use Nike+ because it does what I need it to do. that's it. So Nike keep your $28 shirt and "free" shipping. Like you are doing all of us a favor on the "free" shipping. Please.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Computer Back online!

Weel last night I had to give my computer a well... brain transplant. So now the photos are up for last week. We have a Triathlon and Inman Park festival this weekend.

Photos Here:

Sunday, April 20, 2008

12 Mile Trail Run at Fort Yargo

This morning I awoke at 6am armed with all of my running gear, some water, and hornet juice. I ran 12.01 miles in 1:52:26 avg 9:22/mile. and I felt good with the exception of taking a tree branch scrape to the eye at mile 4.5. ouch!

More on this run later when I open the podcast... It's a new project I am working on


Friday, April 18, 2008

Daddy and Eyrleigh's 8 miler

Today Eyrleigh and I went to Little Mulberry Park and ran 8 miles! We ran at an 8:20/mi pace. Eyrleigh slept through miles 1-5, up for mile 6-7.5, fussed at 7.5 and asleep soon after. These are my favorite runs. The runs I can do with her.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Amicalola Falls and Turning 5 months old.

This week Mary Ruth was on spring break and was home with Eyrleigh all week. On Friday I took off from work and we went to Amicalola Falls and climbed the 608 stairs from the bottom to the top of the 729' waterfall. It is the highest waterfall in Georgia. On Saturday Eyrleigh turned 5 months old!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

21 Weeks

Here are Last week's pictures. The picture of me in the Giants hat is the result of losing a Superbowl bet to Mr. T.

Eyrleigh is doing well and is growing so fast, she the sleeping from 7pm to 6am, and she has found her thumb.... You will have to wait for that picture next week!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Training for the Next 1/2 Marathon... Offroad

Today I started training for the next race. XTERRA off road 1/2 marathon June 7th, 2008 in Pelham, AL. Check it.

My running plan is to run my weekday road mileage on the road and to run my weekend long run on the trail. Today I went for a 4 mile train run in the rain and it was awesome. Running in the mud, rain, rocks, and the roots. The guys that do the off road ultras have totally lost their minds! Maybe I'll lose my mind in the next few years ;)

Triathlon training is also in full swing, I am planning on biking 13 miles to work on Monday, and did swam twice last week. Bike once a week, swim twice, and run 4-5 days a week. I do most of my training on my lunch hour. It forces me to bring my lunch and do my workout.

Tomorrow run 2.5 miles to my tennis match, play tennis, run the 2.5 home.

Maybe I have already lost my mind...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Eyrleigh Week 20

With all of the posting this week you all know what an eventful week this was, and here are the photos to prove it!

Photos Here: