Saturday, April 28, 2007

John Tanner 2007 Sprint Triathlon

Saturday April 28th 2007 I became a Triathlete. I didn't finish near the fastest time but I learned a lot. My next Triathlon time on May 12th (2 weeks away) will be much better. I have now experienced the race and I know the adjustments I need to make. It wasn't an issues of fitness, which is good. Here are my times.

Richard Hambrick M 30-34 31
Lawrenceville, GA

Swim 600 meters 17:41.6
Transition Swim to Bike 03:28.2
Bike 11.2 miles 45:02.2
Transition Bike to Run 1:06.7
Run 3.1 miles 28:08.8

Total Time 1:35:27.4
Goal for May 12th

Swim 600 meters 17:00
Transition Swim to Bike 01:30
Bike 11.2 miles 35:00
Transition Bike to Run 1:00
Run 3.1 miles 26:00

Total Time 1:20:30

Monday, April 23, 2007

Is wearing a Yankee Hat that bad?

Well.... I wear a Yankee hat and and presto! The Red Sox sweep the Yanks at Fenway park for the first time since 1990. To top it off the Sox hit back to back to back to back home runs in game 3 for the first time in team history.

Next series is this weekend, maybe i'll wear the Yankees again this weekend. I love my baseball POWER!!! muah hahahaha

Friday, April 20, 2007

Fulfilling a Evil Promise

When I go to each Baseball Park, I buy the home teams hat and cheer. I have done this at 22 of the 23 stadiums I have been to. With 1 exception. Yankee Stadium. I could not stomach the thought of spending any money on a Yankees Hat, much less actually cheering for the evil empire.

So I did a deal with the devil so to speak. Stacy and Meghann to be exact... Here was the deal. They buy the Hat at Yankee Stadium and I will take a picture wearing the dreaded thing. So here we are Game 1 2007 of Yankees vs Red Sox. So here is the stupid picture. Notice the look of sheer joy on my face.

Friday, April 13, 2007

And now some Work???

I started this blog January 2005 and I have NEVER written about work. This is my personal blog and typically work has no place in my personal life. Except for today. Comverge Inc. (the company I have been working for the last 6 years) IPO was today. I take great pride in this fact, because being the IT Manager of a technology company and working as hard as every other Comverge employee, going public is a BIG DEAL. All of the interrupted vacation days, the overnight office moves all seem worth it now.

CEO and Chairman of Comverge Inc. Robert M. Chiste

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Florida Trip

Last weekend we took a Spring Break trip from ATL to the Everglades. We took a 6 mile Canoe trip and saw tons of Aligators. We then Visited Dolphin Stadium in Miami and Tropicana Field in St. Pete. Below is a graphic of where out campsite was. Incidentally we were eaten alive by chiggers, but all is fine now.

Photos of the Everglades Here:

Marlins Photos Here:

Devil Rays Photos Here:

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

NCAA Victory!

The NCAA Tournament is over, and by having ALL 4 of the Final 4 right and by having the Championship Game and the Champion Florida Gators right, I won the $230 from the pool. The early rounds were rough, but picking all of the right games in the later rounds proved to be "The Key To VICTORY" We are heading (ironically enough) to Florida tomorrow to go to Everglades National Park, The Florida Marlins Game, and The Tampa Bay Devil Rays Game. Life is Good!

Mary Ruth did very well in her bracket and if UCLA would have won the tourney, she would have won the money!

To all of the people in the pool, I look foward to taking your money again next year!