Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Greetings

OK Everyone,

I need you guys to buck up, and sign the Christmas Greeting... If you got a Christmas card in the mail this is how you got here. Leave a Comment and say Hi!!!

If you do this and haven't sent a Christmas Card yet, this is your reprieve, no need to if you leave a comment.

If you didn't get a Christmas card... We don't have your address, email me it and you'll make the list for next year. My email is richard_hambrick at

Merry Christmas!

-Richard and Mary Ruth

PS Stay awhile and check out the main site, high points, and hiking site!

Monday, December 18, 2006


Well it is time to travel the globe for Christmas. Although we like to travel the globe, we have had 1 Christmas tree since we got married in 2001. Maybe Christmas at home someday...

ATL-Malvern- To see Kim, Bill and Connor
Malvern to NJ- Aunt Judy and Mr.T and all the Rogers
NJ to CT- Christmas Dinner with the Laurinos
CT to NH- a Few days in NH with Elders (climbing 2 mountains)
NH to CT- to see kent and Jess
CT to PA- New Years with the Mc Culloughs
Mary Ruth PA to ATL (a week of work)
Richard PA to NJ (a week of work)
Mary Ruth to fly back to PA for Connor's Birthday
Drive back to ATL

Relaxing isn't it???

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Going Nuts

I am going nuts. Climbing is over for the year and its starting to get bitterly cold. The more we climb the more I want to climb. Stuck in the office... I want to be outdoors, but in the outdoors the pay is poor. This is the climbers dilemma.

At least in 3 weeks I'll be snowshoeing.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Time for Home


Tennis is over for the year, I finished in the round of 16, but overall I finished 9th in the league and 6-1 in the regular season 2-1 in the playoffs.

State Highpointing is over for the year with Texas done this last weekend.

With it being December Iwanted to revisit my Resolutions for 2006. I have completed 7 of the 11!

1. State Highpoints to 30 States. So 11 new Highpoints!
38 Highpoints TOTAL 19 for the YEAR

2. Climb 10 of the 4,000ft + peaks in Georgia.
8 down 2 to go

3. Help Mary Ruth start a blog, and to use other technology products.
OK so I failed on this one...

4. To give blood 4 times this year.
Gave pint #2 last week.

5. To read 1 book a month.
I will end up at 6 books for the year

6. Get the gym moved to the house.

7. Go to 2 concerts.
I guess I am too old...

8. More meals at home.
I consider this a success, but I need to get better.

9. Paint all of the upstairs rooms in the house.
I even did crown moulding and the hallway!

10. Pray with Mary Ruth daily.
I consider a success, but we don't do it everday.

11. Play more softball.
The softball team only lost twice and finished in 2nd place.

The 2007 list is in progress, stay tuned.

Moving Up!

Guadalupe Peak is in the books!