Friday, August 25, 2006

King of the Ring

Do you have fairly cheesy, random office parties at work? We do too at the 'verge' . Today was no exception, it was Luau day at work.

Everyone (except me) was wearing a fairly hideous Hawaiian shirt. I have come to the conclusion that ugly Hawaiian shirts is a multi-billion dollar industry. Everyone owns al least one of the shirts. Some people even wear them by choice on other days of the week. Frightening.

Anyway, I won the hula hoop championship netting $20 for gyrating my hips a 'la Elvis in front of my co workers for one minute. I must say my competition was not that stiff, and at that rate of earning ($1200/hr) I may drop this IT gig all together. Maybe hula-hooping will become the next competitive eating, you know a multi-thousand dollar industry.

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